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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thanks to CNN Attorney Jennifer Gruber for Letting Us Kick CNN's Butt in Court to Give Away 2 Million to Charity !


Oh... And People have the guts to state that we do not submit to CNN, that proclaiming to do so is a complete lie, Watch the Story Above, LISTEN TO THE VOICE.. Look at the DATE! Click on it RIGHT NOW, today .... May 18, 2010 at 11:48 EST... What in the hell do you see? ... No kidding? A Live Story ON CNN! And now you want the rights to run the story- Now that it is worldwide news, your attitude changes?

Keep Your Money.. I would not work for CNN for a MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR! *There is MUCH MORE to this story. The mainstream media is amazing... Get Real! This is ON A CNN SITE RIGHT NOW AMERICA!

This is THE NAME America, AT CNN, that is going to make us MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS... TO GIVE AWAY TO CHARITY.... ATTORNEY JENNIFER GRUBER IN ATLANTA GEORGIA. You are about to see the power of CITIZEN JOURNALISM explode , and Jennifer is to be thanked because SHE IS GOING TO BE THE SOLE REASON WE ARE GOING TO DONATE 2 MILLION DOLLARS of our Court Award to the Columbia School of Journalism! Thanks America!

This is when being an investigative journalist is difficult. This story was posted on CNN during the election, and there was no national coverage, however now that the network has released the story, we are being slammed with requests to comment. Listen closely America, lets pretend that this MAY be a true story (from KUTV) then how do you believe... See More that this department would have treated someone like MYSELF who was under their jurisdiction, and had a worldwide audience. I suggest that the media contact Former Candidate for Mayor GORDON MINOR if you want the REAL TRUTH about what went on, also The Utah Taxpayers Association President. At the time it was a complete no win situation to make any type of public statement, so we documented over 4 Million Dollars in Fraud and almost 500 Million Dollars Statewide, and nothing was done. The problem exists, but if you dare state anything, you WILL be investigated for SOMETHING. ---- I am personally NOT a resident of UTAH for that reason.